F-4F KWS LV immpossible to grind

its just too obsolete. Too slow to even bomb bases. You just get 2 IR missiles stock, while you can’t even get close to the action without getting radar missiles thrown towards you. Not maneuverable enough to notch in time or to turn cold. No accerlation…its takes 3 minutes and rank 4 jets are already 5-8km in front of you. Guided CAS ordnance also very limited, just two Mavericks, while other get 3x the number. Countermeasure count is also not really top tier like.

Its basically a 10.7 airframe at top BR. Whose idea was this? This thing needs to be swapped with an F-16 from another nation. All others also got Gripens, F-16 etc. from subtrees. Adding a new Phantom into the rank 4 meta does not work. Remove it and give Ger a real top tier plane. The F-4F ICE could come back as event jet. Why is Germany the only nation with just a Gen3 top tier jet?


👍 F-4F tradition

Did this surprise anyone?

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gib irist

Nah, the IRIS-T would have made the F-4F ICE usable at its current BR…we can’t have that.

Iris + HMD would compensate for the B-17 like flight model, while F-16 / Gripens etc are flying spirals around you.

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I can do without the HMD (afaik, they never had one), but the IRIS-T would certainly help.

There is footage where you see an F-4 attacking a test UAV with IRIS. Its so out of LOS that its just possible with HMD.

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Or radar?

IRIS-T is imaging infrared. Thus, you get a 10km guaranteed death bubble around the aircraft. This is NOT good for balance or gameplay.

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AIM120 also is like a death bubble. It picks you up even between trees at 20m alt or even less. Theres no limitation. Just super agile jets with alot chaffs might play the aim120 meta and notch/turn cold in time. Phantom is a stiff board and has only few CMs…so once the AIM120 is on its way you can’t cope quickly enough. Its needs Iris … its a no brainer imho. Its an Gen3 jet which has to face Gen4’s… It needs all advantages possible.

You can chaff and crank an amraam away, something IRIST will not care about.


Theoretically yes. Ingame reality is different. Especially these new airspawn matches in RB are often over after 5 mins, due to massive AIM120 kill streaks. Reading the kill feed is always quite telling. Only very few players can cope with this super missile. Maybe Gajin should nerf Low Alt radar locks, so you’re at least safe on the deck. Otherwise its a bit silly.

Currently AIM120 is so opressive, that IRIS T is justified for an old airframe like the Phantom.

The F-4F KWS itself has AIM-120.

IRIS-T would not balance the F-4F, but would simply make it uncounterable as the missile is leagues ahead of anything currently in game and has no real counterplay in game terms as things stand.

As such, we have no plans to introduce this missile right now and not for the F-4F.

We also have no evidence the F-4F used a HMD. So if you have credible direct evidence, please submit a report.

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