F-4C Phantom II Countermeasures

Though the F-4C Phantom II can carry Twice the Payload of the B-17 Bomber, It Did Have Countermeasures. The F-4C Phantom II had one ALQ-87 Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) Pod on the Right Inboard Pylon and Could Carry Two External Fuel Tanks on the Outboard Pylons. So Why Does the F-4C Phantom II in War Thunder Have No ECM Pod onboard the Aircraft?

I Hope these Links Are enough for the Addition of an ECM Pod on the F-4C Phantom II

We don’t have ECM’s in game yet.

Tornado Gr1 should also have ECM pod, Sky Shadow. But they have yet to (entirely) add ECM to the game, we’ve seen early ECM addition on the Su-39, but we have yet to see radar based ECM. Though im hoping its on the horizon

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But we do have IRCM installations on fixed wing aircraft now, so would the AN/AAQ-8 not be suitable?

AAQ-8 -1
F-4 AAQ-8

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Technically yes, but the IRCM system we currently have is physically part of the plane and not a separate pod. However it wouldn’t surprise me if the next step is adding IRCM pods.

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