F-4 C,E, and Others EFS

Their seems to be that some of the F-4’s are still missing their EFS but yet are modeled in the cockpit so why do these F-4 not have EFS yet

Because no one has bothered to report it.

To my knowledge none of the Phantoms are equipped with extinguishers, only a warning system presumably so the pilot can cut off the fuel.

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That’s exactly right.

The emergency procedures for the F-4C/D, for example, call for the burning engine to be shut down (specifically affected generator to off, affected throttle to cutoff, affected engine master switch to off, in that order) to see if the fire extinguishes itself.

There aren’t any fire bottles to trigger, and no emergency handle to pull; if the fire doesn’t stop when you shut down that engine, you eject.

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got it so my friend is having a moment i need to look into this more is their a link i can use so i can give this a better explanation to them

Well, I do have pages from the 1973 F-4C/D/E flight manual that would be of use.

Specifically the one detailing the fire warning system, and the one containg the procedures for an in-flight engine fire.