F-20A sales lagging? (Poll)

Usually after an update with a much anticipated vehicle being added and/or a high level premium vehicle being added you see a flood of said vehicles. The F-20 has been highly anticipated and is a high tier premium in a good tree, so you would expect huge sale numbers.

Admittedly, I have been mostly playing ground since the update, but I have played maybe 10 high tier air RB matches and I have seen maybe 2 or 3 F-20s. Meanwhile, I have seen swarms of Fuji, Christian II, and even several Raam Segol tanks. I find it hard to believe that the extra $5 is the cause, but maybe there is a breaking point.

Assuming my small sample size is accurate, here is a poll for the “why”

  • F-20 sales are robust & F-20s are all over the place
  • F-20 not selling as well due to price
  • F-20 not selling as well due to flight performance
  • F-20 not selling as well due to loadout limitations
  • F-20 not selling as well due to its BR (some overlap w/ loadout & flight performance)
  • Other
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I mean $75.00 USD is quite the price, there’s a reason why most people prefer spending $25 to $40 USD in a game rather than AAA games (or at least the most popular ones i’ve heard).

In my honest opinion, is just way too god damn F****NG EXPENSIVE!

You cannot fiddle with it like if it was in DCS if you are wondering where you have buttons on the entire Cockpit.


I’d say a combo of price and it not actually being highly anticipated. It never entered service so only aircraft nerds will care about it and if you wanted a US fighter premium at high rank you probably already have the F-4.