F-20a - aim-7f

So let me start with some disclaimer.

I think the F-20A sits correctly at 12.0 and whoever buys the F-20A should not ask for any pity.

The F-20A is comparable with the F-16AJ in the Japanese Tech Tree, as it also gets the missile mix of AIM-9L and AIM-7H and they both sit at 12.0.
I like the Flight Model of the F-16AJ a bit more, but the F-20A is not bad, not at all.

My issue is the AIM-7F.
The F-20A has an excellent radar, but it is completely useless, because the AIM-7F won’t hit anything.
It neither moves as you would expect from a missile that comes with the following note:
With a 25G pull that can be sustained for nearly the entire flight thanks to the sustainer motor, the manoeuvrability of the AIM-7F is unparalleled.

The missile moved forward, but that is the best that can be said and the video released from Malzi on the plane mirrors my experiences with the Sparrows exactly.

The AIM-7F is NOT competitive at 12.0 and needs a serious buff. It doesn’t have to get to the same level as a R-27ER that the russian counterparts get for their 12.0 planes, but at least buff the Sparrows to the point where it tracks and HITS targets that fly in a straight line.

And here is the video from Malzi: