F-20 worth it?

Is the F-20 tigershark worth it? Is it worth it’s pricetag?

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I believe its 100% worth it. It’s an extremely good fighter. It has a little more alpha than the F-16C at all speeds. it can rate fight well with its improved engines and its speed retention is just as good as the F5E. It’s a great aircraft to grind the tech tree quickly and stack your SL.

It’s like a cross between the Gripen and F-16A. Just without the Aim9Ms and CM count of the Gripen.
Yeah, it only gets Aim9Ls, but 6 of them. Aim7Fs are really no different from Ms at moment. The F-18 radar is pretty good to guide them.

I play Top Tier Air exclusively and I barely see them getting up tiered as well. It’s a great buy and I recommend getting even if you have the who tree as I do.

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If you’re too new to the game and have little experience at high tiers i recommend F-5C more as it’s effectively just better off.
It’s basically bait for new players that think it’s OP but requires a lot of experience to make it work super well


I would not spend that kind of money on a pixel jet, especially since you are really new. The may say will be coming up and if you really want to buy something look at that. If you have money to burn then do you, but if you really want it i would wait for the 50% off sale on it. By that time you will have more experience and more planes unlocked and can make a better decision. in my opinion its defiantly not worth $75


They won’t drop the price for the F-20 on the May sale. It’s too new, 50% only applies to older premiums. Not all.

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The game is not hard. Even top tier. I know every single fighter at top tier inside out.

The F-20’s capability is worth every penny. It’s got an immense survivability. Easy to throw around without fear of ripping, turns on a dime, keeps energy and a small target with 6 missiles to spam off and one of the most accurate cannons on a jet fighter.

You will get kills with it regardless of skill level. It has a zero-learning curve, and you will get really good with it in no time.

It’s a jet easy to fly and literally modelled for new players who want to break out into top tier from the gate. that is why it’s a premium. I wish something like this was added when I started the game.

Or you can opt for @Bonrath recommendation and go F5C and sit at the lower tiers. However, you will have to rely on guns more for kills and that will require more skill.

Btw if you go with the F20 you will need an expert or aced crew. It pulls a lot of Gs and you will black out often without it.

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i didnt say that it would be on sale this may, i said wait until it is on sale.

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Fair, but by the time it ever goes on sale it will be largely irrelevant though I can see it being a good fighter for long time.

I guess I forgot to mention that it’s worth it at moment in the current meta. Which we all know is subject to change as more fighters come.

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75 euro seems a high price to spend on a single jet, if it is like you say (that it’ll be largely irrelevant in a few major updates)

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True its not worth getting if you cannot at least expert the crew from the jump. I recommend ace crew immediately.

So you are already spending the 2k GE and some to get the best potential out of it after purchasing it for 75 bucks.

But the jet is good, like really good if you can get past it. You will be grinding the whole entirety of the US tech tree while you play it rather quickly. It’s a cool looking jet and it’s not unfun to play in the slightest. It has good ground strike capabilities too.

Beats any premium F4 they released that’s for sure.

yeah it will inevitably lose its value as time passes.

that is why I say if you are going to get it, get it now and play the hell out of it and get your money’s worth.
Because it will not be as good as it is now when it goes on sale.

fair nuff

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I wouldnt recomend top tier premiums to any new player, be it ground or air.

Sure you might win a fight or two against other similiarly inexperienced players, but your cheeks will absolutely get clapped by people who reached top tier normally, ie. TT progression.


Compared to the F-5C, no. The F-20 is a shiny new toy, but it also sits at the same BR as the F-16As while doing everything worse. It’s incredible in a vacuum, but it suffers from being a worse F-16A at the same BR. The F-5C is $10 cheaper and tier for tier, is a much better plane. The F-5C is a way better choice for a premium not only because it’s the best 10.3 in the game by a country mile, but it also does not see the top echelons of the game which makes it easier to play.

The sales are coming soon too. My recommendation is to wait for the May sale in the store in about a month and get the F-5C when it’s 50% off during the sale for $32.50 USD. I’m also working on a sale guide to every rank 6+ premium in the game so if you want more info on vehicles from a bunch of nations that are options, wait for that in a week to a week and a half when it’s done.

Also, I would get premium account before any premium. During the sale, premium account will be 50% off and will be $40 USD for a full year. It’s the best investment you can make in War Thunder because it applies to every nation, every gamemode, and every rank, greatly boosts SL and RP income, and makes it impossible to lose SL outside of buying vehicles and modifications and/or teamkilling. Get premium account during the sale and then think about premiums. The F-20A is $75 USD. On sale, the F-5C will be $32.50 USD which means a full year of premium account on sale + the F-5C will still be $2.50 USD cheaper than the F-20A.


@bombarder4321 None of the premiums in this game are worth full price in my opinion. Think of the amount of effort that goes into a triple AAA game like Baldurs Gate 3, and then compare that with the effort GJN puts in to reskinning an F-5 with a few changes. Brand new BG3 was £50, whereas GJN want £65 for a new F-20.