F-16I Sufa engine?

It’s my understanding that the F-16I uses a P&W engine unlike the Barak (Brakeet?) coming next update which uses a GE engine. The GE engine I’ve been told produces more thrust and has less fuel consumption on military power, so why would the F-16I, a later variant, use a worse engine than the F-16D?

F-16I Sufa as a modified from F-16D Block 52 Plus, So F-16I Sufa fitted Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-229 engine like F-16D Block 52

I guess Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-229 max thrust intermediate power & with afterburner better General Electric F110-GE-129

If we are talking about Block 50 vs 52, difference would be somewhat negligible. I mean yeah they’re completely different engines and have somewhat different characteristics (fuel flow, available thrust under certain conditions etc.) but overall they’d look more or less same. I believe devs don’t mind a 5% difference between irl values and in game values. So difference would be irrelevant to them in this context, if you will. At least initially anyway.


The reason the F-16I uses the PW engine is likely because large parts of the F-16I are produced in Israel and they already produce similar engines for the F-15I, it makes production overall cheaper and more efficient if they have parts interchangeability between the two

The F-16i Sufa is powered by the more powerful PW Engine 17,800 lbf (79.2 kN), while the F-16C/D Block 40 (Barak) is powered by the F110-GE-100 16,600 lbf (73.8 kN)