F-16D or F-16C

If the F16D and the F16C were in combat with each other who would win? If both of them were Aces?

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Mig-29SMT would win.

but did i say the Mig29smt? NO

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The F16C would win, but somehow in this game the Mig-29SMT would win.

Nahhh definitely the P-51H

C, it has a slight mobility proficiency over the D, but Id personally pick the D, simply because it’s a Pilot and a Weapons officer in the back, so you can pilot, and your weapons officer can deal with locking and dealing with weapons. In game, the C is a better choice however.

Weaponry over-all is the same, and it’s an F-16, so you can’t really go wrong, Id assume your talking about the Israel air tree?

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all wrong, we all know that both planes will fly straight and crash each other on a head fight