F-16D Barak II AGM-65 Maverick capability?

Hello I was wondering if anyone has any info on AGM-65 mavericks being mounted on Block 40 Barak II’s? I have found no info to suggest that the capability was removed from the aircraft, and clearly from other aircraft in the TT the Israeli’s fielded the AGM-65. I am guessing that since their is no photographic evidence of them mounted on Barak II’s that is why they are absent from the aircraft as their is plenty of imagery with guided bombs. But even F-16.net makes no statement of the removal of capability to carry them. I believe these could even further expand the capabilities of this multirole fighter.
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I think it is a case of never getting a Maverick D in isreal

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Seriously they went the extra mile to model the f-16d but didn’t give it any of its local armaments. Where’s the popeye, delilah, spice bombs and many more. It’s not bad by any means but having to point a laser to a target until impact is deadly in top tier. We need some more true f&f armament.


Uhh, Kurnass 2000 has them though?


If the F-16D gets ahistorical Mavericks, then F-16C surely needs to get the missing historical double bombs on the inner pylons and the missing GBU-15s

mavericks on it would be much appreciated