F-16C Litening II TGP NERF

Why did u nerf the LITENING II TGP down to 800x600 in IR range

Gaijin really hates USA even the abrams sepv2 hull is still not fix and will never be and now the f-16c

from the source LITENING II is using 2nd/3rd gen FLIR


wait so this applies for all LITENING TGPs right

You mean gen 1, currently the F-16C is unintentionally nerfed to gen 1 (500x300), gen 2 on the other hand is pretty good. They screwed it up when trying to fix the Litening II resolution across the board, because the F-16C (and F-16D and AV-8B+) are set up differntly in regard to the TGP resolution.

I made a report on it already:

Furthermore, Litening ATP is a 4th gen pod, what we have is Litening II which actually should have only gen 1 FLIR, but Gaijin decided to model it as gen 2 (which is more in line with the 3rd gen version of the pods like Litening ER, AT or III).


speaking of TGP
TPod Stabilization incorrect // Gaijin.net // Issues

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Tornado IDS ASSTA 1…

That is months ago, now it is gen 2. But funnily enough this fix also broke the resolution on the F-16C, so that one is using gen 1 now. If you closely follow the changes in the datamines regarding the Litening II TGP, you can quite see how many time Gaijin messed things up.

Anyways, right now the intended resolution for Litening is gen 2 (800x600), which is very good. Not quite Damocles good, but still good.

Is there any planned fix for this in sight?

This is making the F16C really annoying to play.

Nope, gotta wait until next major update probably.