F-16C fuel consumption wrong?

F-16C fuel consumption seems way too high compared to other aircraft

(approximate values at sea level around mach1 taken from WTRTI)

Max Afterburner (110% throttle)

F-16C - 1130kg/min = 16000 kgf thrust
F-16A - 500kg/min = 14650 kgf

F-14B - 950kg/min = 26280 kgf (sum of both engines)
Mig29 - 874kg/min = 22200 kgf (sum of both engines)

Stage 1 Afterburner (101% throttle)

F-16C - 358kg/min = 12600kgf thrust
F-16A - 183kg/min = 12050kgf

No afterburner mil power (100% throttle)

F-16C - 158kg/min = 7200kgf
F-16A - 83kg/min = 6730kgf

Is this realistic? Just seems weird that the F-16 consumes more fuel than the F-14 while producing considerably less thrust. And consumes almost twice at any throttle position compared to the F-16A while not producing much more thrust than the early F-16A engine

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WTRTI is lying to you.

I feel like they are all too slow. Especially for the mig29, I just hate being stuck with too much fuel caught in a dogfight

How would WTRTI be lying if it takes data directly from the game? It would be no different if you pulled up the assistant client to view the data on another screen.

I’m not entirely sure, but the new engine has improvements made to it.

It isn’t pulling the data, you can tell from the in-game timer & WTRTI timer disparity.

It does it literally pulls from the same location that all of the cockpit elements pull from.

Because they compute Fuel states differently; WRTI is literally just remaining fuel mass divided by the instantaneous fuel flow rate, so will give accurate times under all circumstances (since flow rate is derived from altitude and various other variables ) assuming the throttle position constant though the remainder of the flight, and will update instantaneously as conditions change.

I have no idea how the WT display actually works, but seems to be some function of maximum fuel divided by Mil power flow rate * by the % throttle position, all so it only ever ticks downwards.

It doesn’t give accurate numbers with Mig-29SMT & F-16C/D currently.
As I said, it’s lying.
It likely has to be updated since new stuff.

Oh, so you mean the remaining fuel timer? War Thunder’s fuel timer is horrendously inconsistent. In this case I would rely much more on WTRTI.

I tested how long both F-16 took to burn all the fuel on min fuel going full blast and I think you are right, F-16C went empty just 15-20s sooner

No it isn’t. It’s only proven inconsistent with Mig-29s, being 3 minutes longer than it should on 9.12.
Beginning: 9 seconds. WTRTI claims 73 seconds remain.
End: 116 seconds.
116 - 9 = 107 seconds of real fuel.
73/107 = 0.682.
107/73 = 1.466.

WTRTI is at least 1.466x faster than it should be.



You do know that turbine engines aim to keep the internal Fuel : Air ratio constant (via pressure readings) for a given throttle setting right, so any change in density(e.g. from a change in altitude / temperature / humidity etc.) is accounted for.

Try performing the same test while remaining at the same altitude so the conditions at both timestamps remain the same.

The faster you go without any change to altitude, the ever slightly higher fuel consumption becomes. Your pictures, Ironically, did show this.

You do realize fuel consumption goes UP with speed & thrust right?
The disparity would larger if I start the seconds at the cruise speed.

116 - 31 = 85.
85/42 = 2.02x faster than real fuel consumption.
Almost as if WTRTI is grabbing F-14B fuel consumption data.
Maybe it’s coded to think that engine is always 2…


Hence why I said “at least 1.4”, cause no matter what it’s faster.

At a constant altitude sure, no issue there. The issue is that the proof is taken at different altitudes so isn’t under the same conditions.

Not under all circumstances, as altitude increases the density of the fluid(air) decreases so the fuel required to maintain a given engine RPM actually reduces, as does drag so its the other way around.

I said that.

And looking at the data, RTI is showing the correct information. As Tripod pointed out, RTI is taking information that would be displayed in the cockpit, so RTI is not showing false information, only data provided by the game.

Does not change the fact that WTRTI thinks there’s 2 engines or is pulling F-14B data.

Guys he is right, I tested the actual time to empty the tank at full blast sea level and the F-16C seems to have a bit higher consumption but not almost the double that WTRTI tells us

Iduno I never thought I would see the day where a mig29 can go 30 min on biggest maps without an external fuel tank but the F16C must take one.

It’s fixed now