F-16C - Can other planes get Conformable Fuel Tanks?

The F-15C bring a new type of fuel tanks into the game : the CFT or Conformable Fuel Tanks.

These are fuel tanks that are attach to the side of fighter and are design in a aerodynamic way to prevent performance losses; they cannot be drop mid flight.

Although F-15C have them as AiM-120A pylones, we can see CFT coming to other plane such as F-16C. It would give it extra range (mind that the actual 83 mins of fuel are enough for most missions) and a new look to the aircraft, which in my opinion is kinda sick (the combination of side and spine really is)

Thanks for reading, I’m opened for discussion if needed (Hope devs see this).

(Variant on the image are : Barak 2/ F-16C Blk 50 / F-16E Blk 60)



The F-16C we have in game is a block 50. CFT’s can be equipped on block 52 or higher

I’ve seen that Block 50’s were compatible too

Maybe. I am not sure

Damn it would make them more sexier.

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Block 50/52 it is the same plane with different engine. If block number is x0 it’s GE engine, if x2 it’s P&W engine.


From some Lockheed Martin article and specialist, the first variant to could be equiped with CTFs were F-16C/D Block 50 & 52 (espacially 50+ & 52+ which are Block 50 with some additional software to mount more modern Air to ground weaponery)

Ok cool. Let’s have those CFT’s

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It was only the 50/52 Plus that could mount the conformal fuel tanks, the initial production aircraft did not have the hardware for conformal tanks. If my memory is correct, no US F-16Cs ever mounted CFTs in service either.


Yes probably, It wouldn’t be the most unrealistic thing in wart in my opinion

I get that some of you like the aesthetics of it, but it would be a pointless addition that almost no one will use because of performance loss

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We still want the freedom to be able to, however, I agree it’s worse strategically. Maybe there’s an instance I’m not thinking of.

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It would be optional, as for the F-15C, like another thing to add to the loadout, so if you don’t want to lose performance you don’t mount them.