F-16C Block 50 (RAFO): The Desert Falcon

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F-16C Block 50 (RAFO)

Hello! and welcome to my suggestion for the F-16C in Omani service, I feel this has a strong precedent in game beside a potential Omani Subtree!



In the Early 2000s Omans Jaguars had begun showing their age, years of low altitude attacks and a lack of any major upgrade programmes had led to the Airframes being worn down and outdated and the the decision was made to replace them altogether.

Initially Oman had expressed its interest in buying Just 12 F-16Cs to compliment the Jaguar fleet, however after the decision to completely Retire the Jags following the introduction of the F-16 this was bumped up to 24 Airframes (20 C and 4 D). The first Aircraft was delivered in 2005 and the F-16 entered service with Oman the following year. Unfortunately during its service with Oman one of the early batch fighters was involved in a Fatal crash that killed the pilot during an exercise.

In 2018 it was announced that Oman intended to Upgrade its F-16Cs from mode 4 IFF to Mode 4/5 IFF among other upgrades to allow better interoperability between Oman and other Coalition forces. However one airframe was deemed unsuitable for the Upgrades and was Scrapped, bringing the total number of Airframes in Omani Service today to 22 (18 C and 4 D)



Post Upgrade F-16C refuelling from an American Tanker

Omani F-16 During an exercise with the Indian Air Force


Early Model F-16C just after delivery to the RAFO


Omani F-16CS flying together at low altitude



General characteristics

  • Crew: 1
  • Length: 49 ft 5 in (15.06 m)
  • Wingspan: 32 ft 8 in (9.96 m)
  • Height: 16 ft (4.9 m)
  • Wing area: 300 sq ft (28 m2)
  • Airfoil: NACA 64A204
  • Empty weight: 18,900 lb (8,573 kg)
  • Gross weight: 26,500 lb (12,020 kg)
  • Max takeoff weight: 42,300 lb (19,187 kg)
  • Fuel capacity: 7,000 pounds (3,200 kg) internal
  • Powerplant: 1 × General Electric F110-GE-129, 17,155 lbf (76.31 kN) thrust dry, 29,500 lbf (131 kN) with afterburner.


  • Maximum speed: Mach 2.05, 1,176 kn (1,353 mph; 2,178 km/h) at 40,000 feet, clean
    • Mach 1.2, 800 kn (921 mph; 1,482 km/h) at sea level
  • Combat range: 295 nmi (339 mi, 546 km) on a hi-lo-hi mission with 4 × 1,000 lb (454 kg) bombs
  • Ferry range: 2,277 nmi (2,620 mi, 4,217 km) with drop tanks
  • Service ceiling: 50,000 ft (15,000 m)
  • g limits: +9.0
  • Roll rate: 324°/s
  • Wing loading: 88.3 lb/sq ft (431 kg/m2)
  • Thrust/weight: 1.095 (1.24 with loaded weight & 50% internal fuel)


Guns: 20mm M61A1 Cannon

Air to Air Missiles

  • AIM-9M sidewinder

Air to Ground Missiles

  • AGM-65D/G Maverick
  • AGM-84D Harpoon


  • GBU-10/ 12 Guided Bombs
  • GBU-31 JDAMs
  • MK-82/ 83 GP bombs


  • Sniper/ PANTERA Targeting Pods

Place in Game


In game I feel this is a must if an Omani Subtree is introduced, it is one of the backbones of the RAFO and should not be left out if we see Oman in game at some point in the future.

Unlike most other Omani aircraft this one is harder to Justify for the British Tree, it is an American Plane flown purely by Omani Pilots and has had no British Weaponry or Modifications fitted to my knowledge, I would suggest unless Britain gets a FULL Omani Subtree that this either be relegated to an Event/ squadron vehicles rather than a Tech tree vehicle



Oman to Upgrade Fleet of Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcons | The National Interest
F-16.net - The ultimate F-16, F-35 and F-22 reference
General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon - Wikipedia
Oman's Air Force Upgrades: From Jaguars to F-16s & Eurofighters - Defense Industry Daily



At this rate there is a possibility for an Omani subtree for the UK even if most of their aircraft are variations of British aircraft

+1, the Omani subtree in the UK would be the most suitable subtree as it would have the most British influence. The F-16 would be the only vehicle in this line that isn’t of British production, and it would also help fill a gap in the UK tree.

-1 there is zero reason for this vehicle to be even near the British tree, and it isn’t really special enough to be included in the US tree (where it should be if ever added)

I did state that it was hard to justify for the UK, if an Omani Sub tree does come however, to whatever nation it goes to (whether it be Britain or a Saudi/ Arabian tree) I feel it should come, given its place as one of the mainstays of the modern RAFO

This is the only non-British aircraft in the Omani subtree we’d like to propose for the UK tree, and it would fill a gap that currently exists in the UK tree.

Of all the potential subtrees, this is the one which uses the least foreign tech, and thus, infringes upon other nations the least


Any kind of F-16 in the British tree is absolutely insane.

I wonder RAFO F-16C Block 50 fitted AN/APG-68(V)5 or AN/APG-68(V)9 or AN/APG-68(V)XM radar ?

AN/APG-68(V)5 I believe, I haven’t seen any sources suggesting that it was upgraded to the (V)9 version