F-16C/Barak II modifications adjustment

Hey everyone, i noticed that in the recent updates most of the american-based/Swedish airframes gets AIM-9Ms in tier III, but the noticeable exceptions are the F-16C and the Barak II that gets 9Ms at tier IV which is a painful road if you take premium status aside, and even so at 12.7 it is still a rough matchmaker for having to grind a long run with 9Ls (and moreso 9Ps with the Barak II).

For the F-16C, im suggesting to adjust the missile modification road from the currently existing Tier 2 7Ms > T3 9Ls > T4 9Ms to T1 9Ls > T2 7Ms > T3 9Ms, that way it opens a modification slot at tier IV for the future AIM-120.

For the Barak II, im suggesting to do quite the same missile progression, but in order to do it, the removal of 9Ps and the allocation of default 2x AIM-9Ls has to be considered.

I feel that with the AMRAAM meta coming imminently to the game, those changes would be a significant relief for those planes and their respective players.

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This occurs surprisingly often, its asinine to me that there is a variance in unlock levels should not exist.

The F-15s also share this issue with the F-15J unlocking the AIM-9M at tier 3 while the F-15A gets it at tier 4, as does the BAZ.

Sad Barack II with Aim-9J stock sounds