F-16ADF/MLU flight model is wrong for no reason

Both planes surpass that limit, especially the mig29. In normal matches with the mig29 I pull 12-13g often with some weapons on wings and fuel

How did you manage to pull 15g in a F-16 Isn’t this whole thread about how that isn’t possible?

You need full controls. With trim you can also push it to the very limit and coast it there for quite some time. I remember one time I was in a f16 and merged for a dogfight at the end of the match and keep doing 14G turns because I was above mach in the merge till I got slower and clapped the other dude which was in a f-16 or mig29, cant quite remember.

Edit: I only play with mouse + keyboard but I switch to full controls in some rare situations

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honestly, the best solution would be to copy paste the F-16A block 10 FM to the ADF and MLU as it was at the start, since they should be at least equal if not superior


Yes that’s with Gaijin implementing a limit 1.5x higher than IRL, so 15G for F-16 and 17G (rounded up) for the MiG-29

That’s what they did, but so happens that the block10 is lighter, even if the rest of the FM is the same. You can see the same thing between the mig9.13 and the 9.12, the 9.12 is better because its lighter

That definitely works as an intermediate solution but they should really have their own flight models eventually, that was one of the major changes with the block 15 after all

Isn’t it 9g x 1.5? How are you reaching 17?

the difference in weight is literally 3.6%, the difference in FM is completely garbage

yes my topic is for both an intermediate and long-term one; as stop gap the copy paste would be more than nice, then they can start to work on a specific FM for the Block 15 and block 20

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the difference between the german mig-29 and russian one are very very small, since the difference in weight is very very small, in that case also there is no difference in control surfaces, for MLU and ADF tho there is an increase of 30% of elevator surface… that would give a way better control even at lower speed and a way better momentum/operation of the elevator compared to the standard one

I’m assuming Gaijin have data saying 11G for the MiG-29 which means 11G x 1.5 = 16.5 ≈ 17G

Now for the F-16, if the flight computer is programmed for 9G then the real safe limit will be a little higher so presumably at least 10G, and 10G x 1.5 = 15G for the F-16

Now if you just read my previous comments you’d have figured that out already so please try that next time thanks.

Totally agree with you then

Grab min fuel (limited)

The MiG-29 is rated for 9g at 14,000 kg weight. In game a clean MiG-29 at min fuel weighs 11,661 kg (and will be less than that by the time you’ve burnt some of the fuel). That is why you can pull more than 13.5g without the wings breaking.

The ADF is still great, the difference in weight even tho is small results in a higher AoA for the same maneuver which increases drag and gets you slower, so your sustained turn rate is a bit worse, same thing happens in the mig29 9.13/9.12

If it result’s in a higher AoA then why does it pull 2G less?

It’s mean to pull more AoA but it doesn’t because the FM is bugged.

I doubt that the elevators do that much of a difference in normal dogfighting speeds to offset the larger weight, aren’t the elevators supposed to help with stability or something?

not only, elevators actually do help in terms of maneuvrability, because bigger the surface, bigger the force the elevator can apply on the plane and higher the momentum applied on the tail (turn)

The horizontal stabilators were enlarged over concerns with the F-16s deep stall characteristics, however that doesn’t mean they’re insignificant to the general flight characteristics, they should enable the aircraft to pull higher AoA at most flight speeds, that wasn’t a big concern IRL because of the fly-by-wire system but for WT it is a significant change to FM that isn’ properly represented.

Tbh more AoA in the f-16 is something that I don’t need, it has plenty even in mouse aim. The only annoying limit is the instructor capping g-load, higher AoA capability wont address that because you will still over-g and the instructor wont let you pull more, at slower speeds AoA is fine for ratefighting