F-16A MLU Ammunition:-Missiles


Official source from: www.F-16.net
Please give Taiwanese F-16A MLU its proper missiles.


Suspended weapons can be given or not for balance.

The AIM-9M issue is known, the rest of the weapons listed (other than AIM-7M) haven’t come to the game yet. The AIM-9P4 would really help with the stock grind.


Not needed, they have J-11 & J-10 they can receive.

No hmd no aim-9m nothing yea seems logical.even tho it has irl….

Just as the F-14A didn’t receive 9Ls or how the MiG-29 9.12 and 13 didn’t get R-73s for balance reasons, the MLU more than likely won’t receive 9Ms.

China will have to wait it seems.

I really don’t give a fuck, if it’s mean they have to be at 12.3 so be it.

The MLU is probably one of the rare planes that could handle a BR increase and still be potent, but Gaijin have more than likely planned the progression for China.

Just be patient, China will get the J10/J11 soonish with the tippest toppest missiles.