F-16A MLU Ammunition:-Missiles


Official source from: www.F-16.net
Please give Taiwanese F-16A MLU its proper missiles.


Suspended weapons can be given or not for balance.

The AIM-9M issue is known, the rest of the weapons listed (other than AIM-7M) haven’t come to the game yet. The AIM-9P4 would really help with the stock grind.


Not needed, they have J-11 & J-10 they can receive.

No hmd no aim-9m nothing yea seems logical.even tho it has irl….


Just as the F-14A didn’t receive 9Ls or how the MiG-29 9.12 and 13 didn’t get R-73s for balance reasons, the MLU more than likely won’t receive 9Ms.

China will have to wait it seems.

I really don’t give a fuck, if it’s mean they have to be at 12.3 so be it.

The MLU is probably one of the rare planes that could handle a BR increase and still be potent, but Gaijin have more than likely planned the progression for China.

Just be patient, China will get the J10/J11 soonish with the tippest toppest missiles.

Yeah bad news man, I still like 9M more than R73.

The F16A MLU is perfect where it is and what armament it has. Because:
-it sits at 12.0 with the F16A blk 10 and blk 15, the Mig 29’s that are weaker (they just have HMD and the mighty 27ER)
-It is the best F16A in the Game
-Really… add the AIM-9M and AIM-120 to China🫤

They should decompress the BR’s so that you fight that the aircraft that came in that update
Maybe they should even remove the MLU from China. It was just for balancing.

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Please support our bug report on the F-16A Blk20

They theoretically could add the aim 9m and the aim 120 as the f16 block 20 mlu actually had these on its armourment so it could be a possibility or even to give it the pl-8b and pl-12 instead movie it up a br as it can hold the fox three missiles and advanced aim 9 and because it’s a sub tree I don’t think it should be a massive problem to add the correct things to the plane

ok i understand that it carried those BUT China would not have a 12.0 fighter. Anyways i don’t really care

China doesn’t NEED a 12.0 fighter if it’s completely obsolete at it’s BR and with a hugely limited armament compared the Belgian block 15, a very similar upgrade package.

Obsolete at 12.0? F-16 MLU :) What about the other 12.0 F-16’s ?

So… MLU still has 60 flares?

Honestly Gaijin… WTF?

I’m bringing it up as the F-16 MLU was actually made to hold this and it could only be 12.7 and I was still get down tiers to 12.0 and there could be a second f16 in china’s tree that gets the better missiles but the j-8F sorta is the new 12.0 now it’s practically going up against 13.0 never down same with the mlu they’re all up tiered so what’s the point of keeping the mlu capped at it’s current state

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the A/AJ still has the best FM in game, the italian and american ADFs have better matchmaking atm