F-16 Fighting Falcon: History, Performance & Discussion

Peak sustained turn rate varies depending on airspeed, one could be better at a certain speed and the other is better at a higher or lower speed… what’s so difficult to understand

Bro, the question basically is, “Which has better STR?”

Whatever the speed, which one can reach a higher SUSTAINED turn rate. Why are you complicating?

At this point it would have been much simpler for you to look up the EM graphs if you wanted the very specific information you’re looking for. It’s worthless information, but here you are digging anyway.

I saw some but they refered to max turn rate, not sustained

Why? It’s one of the most important indicators for a rate fighter

The maximum sustained turn rate is at such a speed and overload that it is not sustainable and kind of ruins the point of “sustained turn rate”. Both aircraft can sustain 9Gs, one of them at a higher or lower speed than the other.

Well, if you can tell me which one can sustain the 9G at a lower speed you would answer my question then.

That depends on fuel, armament, and altitude

Min fuel (same fuel weight for both), clean, sea level

F-16A (block 10)

Thanks, was that so hard?

That’s been self evident since the beginning of time, and a quick Google search for that information would have been far easier for you.

It’s like when people join car forums to ask what kind of oil to use.

I did search for a bit, found nothing about it. Only at higher altitudes and fuel loads and for peak turn rate, not sustained

There’s never been an EM chart that didn’t show both peak and sustained for F-16 unless you don’t know how to read them.

Do you have any block10 charts at sea level?

Google does

Hi, is this a bug? I think it should’nt show on both MFD the radar page, also the glare on the cockpit glass is like bugged or idk, it doesn’t look like this on the F16A and ADF. It should be clear from the inside. Very annoying in sim.

And the HUD is missing a very important information, the closure rate of a tracked target, like how else i’m supposed to know, if he’s heading towards me, going into a notch or identify if its a subsonic or supersonic jet…?

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Can’t find any

First search result for sea level F-16A & F-16C charts

The OP specifically mentioned that the F-16A graph was not from the same engine that we have in-game

The difference from the two engines is reliability not performance iirc, same engine … just more reliable.