F-16 Fighting Falcon: History, Performance & Discussion

Legion Pod IRST.

Ngl, I’m wondering if Israel may get their F-16C-30 (after the Netz) this update…
I know they didn’t have AMRAAMs initially, but weren’t they at upgraded with the capability sometime in like 2010?

Excuse me, that mean F-16A Block 15 ADF from USA tech tree armed AIM-120C AMRAAM (AIM-120C-3 & AIM-120C-5) in Air National Guard (ANG) service ?

I wonder F-16D Block 40 Barak from first image equipped Litening II or Litening III targeting pod. but in isreal tech tree used Litening II.

I believe that F-16I Sufa great Multirole Fighter aircraft and new monster CAS for Israeli tech tree in the future


I’m unsure if the F-16C-50 configuration (circa ?2006?) that we have in game should have access to the GBU-39/B (SDB-I) or GBU-39A/B (Laser SDB) but it could definitely carry them.

78-0097 SDB-I
or GBU-53/B (SDB-II), though that came later but was refit onto Block 50 airframes


I was actually just coming here to lowkey complain about missing these lmao

Need them for convoy destruction in sim air, cuz thr stupid pathing for the convoys make them super awkward to hit with dumb bombs

Ahh the low poly roads where there is 90 degree bump and your bomb hits the other side haha


Also doesnt help when the vehicles drive underwater instead of across the nice bridge half a km away, or slide sideways a few hundred meters randomly…

They really ought to rework the objective gameplay for sim maps. Make the bombing targets things that matter like GBAD sites, ground based radar, fuel/ammo depots, and forward airfields. Make the convoys travel between these sites and make proper medium/high fidelity roads for them to travel. Replace the stupid il-28/F-86 “surveillance aircrafts” with something like AWACS, use period appropriate bombers like Tu-95/Tu-22 and B-52/B-1B. Period appropriate strike aircrafts like A-10/Su-25’s.

Sim/EC has a whole lot of potential, but it feels like laziness is really holding it back (that and the fact there is no incentive to staying and finishing a match, 90% of players quit the moment they start to lose).


Something else that could be nice would be revising the armor rating of a given set of targets to incentivize the tradeoff and potential use of AP bombs & a wider selection of ordnance. ( e.g. Aircraft revetment, hangar, bunker ) so the optimal choice isn’t always the item with the most explosive mass or longest range.

Also the wider addition of alternate HE / HEAT / Frag / SAP / FAE, etc. warheads for ordnance where possible (e.g. BLU-109 (SAP), BLU-118 (FAE) and SUU-54/A (Cluster) as alternate warheads for add on kits that can be applied to the Mk.84 bomb as a warhead like the GBU-15) and A-M or A-P & A-T Cluster Bombs & Dispensers would really broaden opportunities to add some interesting targets to the Air mode(s), and make CAS spicier in the ground modes.


I think regarding some of the more “interesting” munitions, they may be better off in air only modes tbh, kinda like the AP bombs and torpedos used in naval.

As funny as I would personally find it to come in with a F-4E and drop 18 GATOR mines across the battlefield, each with 45 AT mines inside. Or using CBU-105’s to delete the entire enemy team from outside SPAA range, I don’t think its exactly healthy for the state of ground battles for the ground vehicles to just be targets for air vehicles, which is really becoming the case now with the addition of the LITERALLY untouchable Su-25SM3 and their glue eating pilots that somehow still manage to die to GBAD…

Well they are going to need to add counterparts at some point, right? and since there isn’t really a direct one. Alternates with vaguely similar performance may be a way forward. Its not like I’m suggesting jumping straight to something like the StormShadow, JSOW or Brimstone, but more like the CBU-3, BL775, CBU-99 and BLU-85 & -96 that are situationally powerful but don’t directly compete with the Kh-38 (Closest US counterpart may even be the L-SDB or Laser JDAM, though they lack propulsion, maybe the AGM-123 but that is only carried by the A-6).

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I don’t believe the insults were at all necessary… and I often find that NATO equipment comes to the game severely overperforming whereas most Russian equipment has to be buffed to real world performance over time as of late… including even the R-27ER.

You could make an argument that they are adding weapons from Russia that are better than their NATO counterparts, but the notion that the NATO stuff isn’t modeled properly isn’t consistent with the majority of new NATO additions.


As long as you accept that missing features & Ordnance / stores don’t count as improperly modeled, I guess?

At least with what I’ve been keeping track of things really started with the addition / omission of the F-4E / -4D and Sparrow, and has only accumulated from there, is it worth pointing out how different Sparrows are from their initial implementation at this point?
Or that the US F-4E still borrows the F-4C’s cockpit and doesn’t have the RIO station modeled in 3rd person, let alone the various issues with its configuration, or its CM count & dispensing angle.

It doesn’t help that vehicles tend to be arbitrarily constrained to specific configurations and having trialed, tested, experimental items that aren’t added upon implementation is like pulling teeth. I’m still waiting on the GPU-5/A for the F-16A-10 (at least, we know that its sitting in the files) for example. Or they otherwise fall in gaps that are never going to be implemented like the AGM-119 or HMS / AIM-95 for the F-16, or LANTIRN pod(s), M-117BOLT, Pave Spike / Tack, GBU-1 / -9 / -11, etc, etc.


I might believe in the future GBU-39/B Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) very good precision-guided munition (PGM) for nato aircraft standard

I predict gaijin ready GBU-39 SDB for nato aircraft toptier standard in 2 or 3 years

GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) great PGM for ground RB & ground SB mode

I guess GBU-39 SDB sniper target ground vehicle like Kh-38 and PGM-500 & PGM-2000 but it’s longer

Depends on the variant in question and so could neatly be propagated as needed as the capabilities vary across the variants for some specific airframe & BR combination.

The basic SDB I (GBU-39/B) doesn’t have any form of terminal seeker and only relies on its INS/GPS system for guidance so can’t hit moving targets.

The Laser SDB ( -39A/B ) adds a Laser Homing seeker for terminal guidance allowing it some capacity to be retargeted after launch though is limited in the maneuvers and is not entirely Fire and Forget, but SALH like a Hellfire (AGM-114) is.

There was also a trialed Anti-Radiation Seeker (SARA) fitted to the SDB I but i wouldn’t expect htat to see service unless things start happening at short notice

SARA / Golden Swarm trials excerpt

The SDB II (GBU-53/B) uses a Trimodal Terminal seeker allowing IIR, SALH, MMW and GPS/INS to be used for targeting, it also includes a two way datalink as well so can additionally be retargeted at significant distance to provide complete standoff capabilities, or autonomous / remote targeting and includes target categorization and prioritization algorithms.

Speaking of, really wish i could target cue GPS or bombing target on the map instead of having to do it with a mouse or the aircrafts nose, or by cycling through the pre-programmed bombing targets in sim. Would make target selection and accuracy a lot better…

Is it fair to sum up the entirety of NATO vs Russia and ignore all of the issues with other Eastern aircrafts as well? China alone would have a total of inaccuracies far greater than the US alone. This isn’t a pissing contest and it doesn’t need to be.


You honestly can’t say that with a straight face when the Buccaneer and the Martels were added last patch. What a joke


More just related to the F-16A’s visuals, but it makes me a bit sad we never got any GE skins or other market skins aside from the gold and tournament ones for it (as of yet)
Some of the FSD/early production liveries go pretty hard…



Guys, please upvote this critical bug report for the F-16s:


The “F-16 early” folder isn’t capitalized.


Truly gamebreaking (I will still upvote it because it’s a bug report lol)