F-16 Fighting Falcon: History, Performance & Discussion

any idea with gaijin will change this? since its kind of getting annoying to fight against an f-16 in a 1 circle which they kill everyone right now in

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No , otherwise US mains will cry gaijin hates USA and it is Russian bias , so F-16 must stay as UFO

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I feel like the further we will get into 4th gen the worse it will get FM wise, Gripen already is unbeatable, and does some UFO thing, F16 is a complete flying saucer, and Mirage 4000 can’t even stall out…

Can’t wait to see all of this not getting fixed…

So when is the F-16s flight model getting nerfed then? Its currently able to pull close to double its AoA in game, compared to IRL levels among other issues


I doubt we’ll see any major FM changes for the F-16 (and others) until snail decide to fully implement relaxed stability, instead of this half measure we have as of now.

We will have to wait and see.


Is that in SIM or also in air RB with instructor? My understanding is it’s overperforming in SIM but more or less correct with instructor (and stuff like Mig-29 nerfed by instructor).

I have no idea, just seen in other threads people talking about it over-performing signifcantly.

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I’m curious since I base the F-2 performance to be something similar/better to the F-16C so wherever the F-16C sits is also where the F-2 might.

Yep, its a good benchmark for it.

Pretty sure its in sim
it seems to pull the correct AOA in air RB
But in sim it pulls way more

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if you want to know if i remember correctly you have to ask @MiG_23M

F-16 doesn’t exceed 24-25 degrees in RB until you are at very very low speeds due to instructor, however can still cartwheel and flatspins like a UFO. The flight models performance in air RB is pretty irrelevant tho cuz it’s always going to be effected by the inaccuracies in full real where it has double the realistic controllable AoA and no deep stalls.

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I mean F16 can still beat a MiG-29 at low speed and in one circle in Arb, if changes were made to the FM, would that change ??


Finally, the ACM ranges are back to 10 NM for all F-16s. This changes is also present in a lot of radars similar to the AN/APG-66


A bit of unrelated question, do you guys think F-16 should get MALD or MALD-J?

When jammers and EWAR come? Yeah. If only because I want to hear my enemies MALD. Maybe even COPE and SEETHE.

I didn’t even know this! Wohooo!

Team, all I can say is that the F-16C & D is better now and is the top fighter for USAF/IAF @ 12.7 for a reason and that you should play it over the F-15.

Devs hooked it up. Have fun.

And it could still get better.

LITENING LA packages these enhanced capabilities in the same form factor as earlier versions of the pod, so aircraft on which LITENING has been integrated require no modifications. Previous versions of the pod can be upgraded to the LA configuration.

The Air Force plans to integrate LITENING LA throughout its existing aircraft inventory

It’d also be cool to see a modernized ANG Block 30 with the APG-83 and other minor features (Almost to Block 70 standard) as a further half step between the Teen series (e.g. existing Block C-50) to serve as a counterpart to other Late AESA equipt fighters (e.g. Rafale, Typhoon, MiG-35, Su-35, Su-75, etc.), that don’t quite classify as 5th gen features / performances (e.g. something like F-22 or F-35 which would either need to be under modeled for the most part or would roll them easily if properly implemented ) but would still be quite deadly in an A2A arena.

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