F-15A Drop tank bug


Currently, the F-15 will spend fuel from all available drop tanks at the same time.

For example, If you bring 3 drop tanks, the plane should prioritize the drop tanks under the wings before using the fuel from the centerline, but instead, the plane will consume all 3 and drop all 3 at the same time.

You can drop tanks individually, first under the wings and lastly the centerline tank, the plane should consume fuel from centerline only after spending / dropping the pair on the wings.

You could try bug reporting it via


But probably needs a suggestion via

but I reckon its a game limitation. They just dont have the code for it to handle that. It just sees external tanks as 1 lot of fuel, regardless of whether you have 1, 2 or 3 tanks or if they are meant to be in tandem.

Currently its

B tank (external) -----> A tank(internal)

It would need to be something like

C (external 1) ------> B (external 2) ------> A (internal)

and I just dont think the game can handle that yet

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Realistically you want to pull fuel out of the centerline first. It is the most inefficient tank on the jet. I would have to look through some diagrams but I believe the switchology is all or nothing for external transfer anyway.

The F-15A doesn’t have the option to selectively drain fuel tanks.

If you are using 3 tanks they will all drain at the same time, no matter what the fuel quantity selector dial is pointing to (It is used to view the fuel quantity of different tanks not to select the fuel source).

He’s also wrong.
F-15s have 2 switches. One for center wet station, one for wings.
You have to manually have center line off in order for fuel not to take from there, otherwise it takes from all 3.
War Thunder assumes [correctly] that all pumps are on at the same time; and doesn’t give us control over shutting any off [game limitation].

Visually in the off position, but they’re obviously static switches.


You don’t really have much real control over it, especially in combat situations. Even if they let people select anything, they would complain how fuel from all tanks is used as they accelerate towards the battle.
Also, as per manual, you should have both WING and CTR switches NORM
And the switches don’t do exactly as you assume:

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That is from a C/D/E T.O. I believe. The As and Bs never got the CFT mods to the best of my knowledge. They may very well have been able to shut off the centerline or wing tanks individually, until the tank 1 sensor went off. But either way it its a strange gripe to have.

The manual talks about both A without conformal fuel tanks and C’s with conformal fuel tanks. Yet, the flight manual is primarily for F-15A.

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