F-15 vertical climb

The F-15 in game can only accelerate to about 450kph in a vertical climb but according to Boeing, it should be able to accelerate past Mach 1.

Source: https://secure.boeingimages.com/archive/F-15E-Strike-Eagle-in-Vertical-Climb-2F3XC5UNYR5.html

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we dont have the -229 equipped strike eagles in game

Is that the engine the F-15E was equipped with during this feat? From what I’ve seen the F-15E can also have the 220. I didn’t see the engine specified anywhere in the source and the 229 only produces about 18.5% more thrust than the 220 (with afterburner) which would still point to the F-15A underperforming in vertical climbs in game. if the engine in the feat is the 229 then The F-15A shouldn’t be able to make Mach 1 but it should still be able to make it past 450kph, no?

The F-15 manual is online, can you show me where in the flight performance section it is capable of accelerating to mach 1 in a vertical climb? Last I checked this is a non-factual statement, totally not based in reality.

I think that statement is theoretical, as if the plane had always the sea level thrust during the imaginary climb

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I could see this being the case

The flight performance section mentions max speed in level flight, stall speed, initial climb rate, service ceiling, combat radius, G-limits, and fuel consumption. It lacks a lot more than max vertical speed.

It is as simple as looking at the thrust charts based on altitude, how can it achieve mach in vertical flight if thrust drops below 1:1 in such conditions relatively early? It’s nonsense.