F-15 engine nozzles modeled incorrectly after seen on the trailer

Hi there. This is my first post on the WT forums but I’ve been playing this game for several years, I’m not sure where to post about something like this but I think this is the best place. I just saw the new trailer for the next update AIR SUPERIORITY and I wanted to raise a point about the F15 that I noticed during the trailer.
I love this aircraft and I am super happy that it’s finally being added to this game. I have seen these aircraft many times in person at museums and airshows so I have some knowledge about it. I want to bring up a point about the way the engine nozzles seem to be modeled in the game and hope it gets changed to be more realistic.
I uploaded an image into this topic to show what was shown on the trailer.
These nozzles look to be an exact copy of the F-16A nozzles, while the F-15 and the F-16 share the same Pratt & Whitney F-100-PW-220 afterburning turbofan engine they do not look the exact same if you were to look at the back of them and see the variable geometry engine nozzles. The F-16 has aerodynamic covers on it’s engine nozzle while the F-15 does not.
Here is an image I linked of what the F-15 engine nozzles actually look like from the A variant all the way to the E variant.

If you can see these images then you could tell that the internal mechanism for the variable geometry nozzle is visible on the F-15.
I think that this is one of the most distinguishing features on the F-15, and to see that those exposed internals covered up makes the F-15 look less like an F-15.
I understand that it would be much harder to model this animation in game with all of the internal mechanism being visible but I hope that it can be done correctly in the future.
Reply and let me know what you think about this.


The nozzles are correct. The PW F100 engines are all capable of have the ‘turkey feathers’ installed on them. F-15s had them installed initially, however the aerodynamic effects of the F-15 made them likely to be torn off in flight, will having little effect on drag. Therefore they were removed in US service. Israeli F-15s kept them on some aircraft. Those engines in the trailer are indicative of the F-15A. It’s also worth noting the F-15EX has the turkey feathers on its GE 129 engines


It appears you’re right. Here is one of those early USAF F-15s:

Guess you know more than me. Thank you for clearing that up. However it is a little disappointing if the version being added to the game is just an A variant with flares and bombs.

IDK to me it makes more sense to start with the beginning models of the F-15 and then progress into more and more modern variants. If anything to me it was disappointing to see the F-16C block 50 in game before the F-15A but whatever

Also I have this question, why is the left nozzle “retracted”/smaller than the right one at a standstill? I’m just curious as to how this works

This is because the hydraulics on one side are shut down first. You can see this in F-14.

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Nope, has nothing to do with hydraulics on the F-15. The exhausts are controlled by the CENC and it is basically like an air tool. The reason they are at different positions in this picture is because the left engine is at mil-power and the right is at idle, the left one malfunctioned on shutdown and slammed closed, or this is during a launch and they have flipped the engine control switch which will drop the engine into secondary mode to check its function.

Whatever warthogboy said. I used this image because you can see the way the nozzle looks in various throttles in the same frame.

Yes, you’re right, I confused it with an F-14

It’s also worth noting, the F-15 retains function of all hydraulics as long as one engine is spinning because of the way it’s 3 hydraulic systems are tied together.

Yeah I agree. Engine nozzles are wrongly modeled. Those protective feathers should not be there at all. Also the F-15 is completely wrong in the game. Wings should not be ripped in higher Gs manuevers, RADAR should be stronger and better. Also the maximum speed and thrust to weight ratio seems wrong as well. I don´t know, but it just seems off. If you guys play DCS you know what I mean.