F-15 Eagle Radar

Ok, So having worked on the Eagle myself for around almost two decades I have a position of knowledge but I will not pull from that in this case. The radar needs to be at least as capable as the F14A’s as the APG63 was designed after the Tomcats’ was. Let’s just look at the timeline to justify the change. Also, the Eagle isn’t worthy of it’s BR currently that it shares with much more capable aircraft in game. Just the fact that it doesn’t have TWS in game really just irritates me honestly.


False mate

Alot of the new planes radars are wrong su27 and Gripen radars are wrong


We’ll just agree to disagree on this!😉
When I think of the radar capabilities of SU27, Gripen, F16 and F14B and couple that with the maneuverability of those and the Eagle…I just see a big disparity having the Eagle have to use basically what amounts to an F4S radar that can track against the ground clutter (not a bad thing, but not on the level of the other 4 AC). Add to this the 20-25% percentage of the 7M’s that come off the rail not even tracking in the first place.

**thanx for some level-headed discourse on this Mytho

sadly, its an american vehicle so its going to stay like it is.


You got any hard evidence regarding wing rip? You of all people I feel would know about this, and how in wt it rips too easy. The f-15 is my favorite jet, ever and I want it to be as good in game as it is irl.

Gripen got a copy and paste radar from the F16 there is alot wrong

The wing rip thing is just another way for the Russian jets to look great when comparing them to their NATO counterparts. They will and can put up all kinds of evidence of how the wings could rip at whatever flight envelopes they think is appropriate in game. But they need no evidence to give the other vehicles whatever they feel is right from their perspective in game. Look at the wing rip issue with the Israeli premium A4. They brought out some -1 flight manual about how it’s restricted to ‘X’ amount of G at ‘XXX’ amount of speed and gave it a real pain in butt wing rip issue that isn’t an issue irl at all. What I know about the Eagle isn’t really the issue here as I wouldn’t aim for ‘IRL’ capability but just focus on getting a little balance/equity with it’s stable-mates in the same BR. The same goes for the imbalance at top BR’s on the ground vehicles as well.

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