F-14B VF-74 camouflage wrong tail numbers

Honestly I know this is a very “useless” observation and I don’t even know if it should be on this forum (after the change I don’t even know where to post anything else haha). Well, let’s go the Camouflage of the VF-74 Be’ Devillers from F-14B has the same tail number as the standard F-14A camouflage (different number and planes). Aircraft Photo of 163221 | Grumman F-14B Tomcat | USA - Navy | AirHistory.net #188231 (F-14B Buno.163221)

VF-1 F-14A Tomcat BuNo 158627 | VF-1 Wolfpack F-14A Tomcat B… | Flickr (F-14A Buno. 158627)