F-14B radar "requires radar lock" bug even though I have a full lock on .. since patch this AM

so with either AIM-7M or AIM-54C I get a message say requires radar lock even though I have a full lock on the F-14B. This just started today. is anyone else seeing this issue?


same here, they finally fixed the radar FOV but now it’s fucked again.

Same problem here.

I have the same problem! with f14B aircraft. since the last update, this error occurred!

Same here. Locked my target same as I do with the F14A, or really any BVR plane, and keep getting “Radar Lock is required” when trying to fire AIM-7Ms

This bug was the result of a fix that was aimed at another bug related to TWS not tracking outside the camera FOV.

This bug is already acknowledged and solved and will hopefully be resolved in a hotfix soon.

Needless to say, it’s a shame they don’t play their own game for a bit when testing or fixing stuff.

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Same here.

Same here, Bug Thunder is back!!

thanks guys, good to know not me. It is kinda of super realistic, you get into combat and oh Shit, my radar doesn’t work :)

nothing with the radar works besides looking around for targets

Man I am getting fed up with this shit…
at least I know it is not me, since a lot of you guys are having same problems as well.

Glad to know it’s not just me, I’ve also had a really hard time even getting lock on enemies, I stayed on one person’s six less than a km out for about a minute and a half, no lock.

me too! same bug lol… this is bug thunder! use AIM-9L yeah.