F-14B over performing

F-14B is over performing, i dont know if im allowed to post the image, but i can say for certain the F-14B is over performing in the sustain turn rate area.

As of the moment the F-14B at 16 minutes of fuel at 380 to 400 knots can sustain 24 Degrees per second in the game, this is with two fox 2’s.

In the chart with two fox 2’s and 5000 pounds of internal fuel which just so happens to be the same amount of weight the internal fuel that the F-14B in game has (16 minutes) should only be able to sustain 16 Degrees per second at 300 knots, as that is its optimal and the speed the F-14B cam actually in real life sustain, if it was higher the sustain turn rate would turn its instantaneous turn rate. Im saying this, i have no idea if it classified, so im not posting an image, but from every where i look, its all over the Internet, google, DCS, this chart is all over the place, but as i said i have no idea. If gaijin devs could look into it, i’d thank you very much to them.

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are maneuvre devices on in your diagram?

Its a chart that shows drag index and weight and at what thorttle its set to, AB, with 2 fox 2’s and 5000 pounds of internal fuel showing its instantaneous and sustained turn rates, wtf do you mean “maneuver”?

flaps and slats exist lol…

Slats are automatic, and flaps are only used for a gun solution, and in the charts i dont know if they used flaps or not but im guessing they would since its a flight data based test chart.

The f-14b may be over performing but its radars is nerfed like no other.


All aircraft overperform lol, the usual modifier from real life is x1.5

That only applies for limitations such as speed and g-limits

Yes, the F-14’s were limted to 7.5G to prevent wing damage, bending of the airframe, or wing tip snaps, either way it was limted to 7.5 for a danm reason, even though war thunder isnt irl or dcs, why is that the F-8U has wing snaps when it too was limited to only 7.5G’s but the F-14 and many others are an exception?

7.5G’s x 1.5 = 11.25G’s, you can pull up to that without ripping.

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I assume you have the A1-F14AAP-1.1 performance manual. What @Fireball_2020 said was that, there are diagrams with maneuver devices ‘Not Operating’ or ‘On Auto’, which you can tell from the bottom of the chart.

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No aircraft in-game has x1.5 the sustained turn rate it was capable of irl. They’re just not restricted from pulling unsafe G limitations because airframe longevity isn’t a concern… but you already knew this.

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xD waited a whole month to try and sneak in a comeback

I never specified what FM characteristics benefit from the x1.5 multiplier, but you knew I was talking about G-limit. So does everyone else know that the x1.5 is when discussing G-limit.

That would be fine if they actually changed the radar as for it to be able to lock targets in side and rear aspect when in PD modes, if it’s going to stay 12.0 it would need some compensation for such a nerf, and actually having the ability to track side-on and utilize the radar gunsights properly would be more than a fair trade for some flight performance.

However, most planes are overperforming in WT air rb, especially modern jets, so I never really view any of these jets as an accurate represesentation, rather a mostly authentic stand-in, so however they decide to model it is fine by me.

And so how do they overperform if they’re maneuvering within the expected x1.5 limit?

Lift limits still apply, and are extrapolated up to the extended G-Limits. Same goes for sustained limits.

Do you mind elaborating? The aircraft isn’t doing anything it shouldn’t in real life.
If it is, it’s able to be reported.

I was just clarifying, i havent tested its turn performance to see if thats accurate, i have already sorted the top speeds quite a while back now.

Yes… so maneuvering within the expected x1.5 limit applies. Not sure what needed clarification further.

well according to OP, its sustained performance is significantly overperforming.