F-14B missing additional GBU-24 loadouts

The GBU-24 only takes up two of the “tunnel” stations on the F-14B, though there is adequate room for another GBU-16 or GBU-12 to fit next to each one of the GBU-24’s. This loadout was not used in real life, though there is several aircraft in game that have combinations of weaponry that is completely fictional and would have never been carried in a real combat scenario, such as the MiG-27’s mixture of Kh-25 and Kh-29 missiles, as it would have always been one or the other.

I am proposing a loadout option for the two “tunnel” pylons be made:
1x GBU-24, 1x GBU-12
1x GBU-24, 1x GBU-16