F-14B crashes game every time i return to hanger

Everytime i use the F14B my game crashes. No error messages. Tested with other vics and they are fine.


I am running War Thunder on an ASUS TUF RTX 4070 Ti Super and this is happening to my game as well. No error messages just quits the game. Please fix soon because the F-14B is unplayable. No one else seems to be using it in their games either.

It’s the F-14B any problems with it go mostly ignored. Just add this one to the list of known problems

Do you have any userskins?

Yea, have the F-14 issue too, had it yesterday also with the F-4F Late, but after that it Fixed itself

It’s same problem here for me just today. it was all good until today I got the issue you says.

I have restart the game several times now. it didnt fiexed itself :/