F-14B has many problems about TCS(TISEO) and LANTIRN and its rader (AN/AWG-9) in game.

One of them. F-14B can guide laser-guided-bombs (GBUs) without LANTIRN pod. I tried on testflight without LANTIRN pod. At least , I seemed GBUs guided. And game displayed Laser-guiding on HUD.

I am not expart of weapons , just one of a player , but i think this is wrong specification.

  1. NO LANTIRN but…

  2. TCS HUD displaies Laser-Guidng.

Oops AWG-9 is correct. APG-9 is wrong.
※I fixed txt.

Would probably be due to the TCS being a utter trainwreck of implementation jank right now, if I recall correctly it, for some reason, has the ability to lase targets, you know, without such equipment being present.

I’d say bug report it, but the TCS has already been bug reported out the wazoo at this point and gaijin chose to act on none of the reports along with breaking the system even more, so I would not hold out hope that this will get fixed.


So now we have no choice but to wait for GAIJIN’s opinion to fix it.
thank you.

Unfortunately, the TCS does basicly none of the things it should do ingame, and all the things it shouldnt do. We’ll just have to wait for gaijin to fix it I guess…