F-14B Buff?

I feel like it is missing thrust and the AIM-54C could be better. The Saturn AL-31F engines on my SU-27S has 11,660 KGF each while my F-14B’s General Electric F110-GE-400 engines have 10,230 KGF. The F-16C and SU-27S feel pretty good right now. Don’t change them. Also, I don’t want to be the type of person to tell Gaijin how to make their game. I hardly post. Once in a while. I play alot. I’ve spent a good amount money and time on the game in the last year getting these vehicles. I care about War Thunder. I like the F-14B and I want it to perform better. The AIM-54C is unique right now. I would like to see it do better when they add more FOX-3 missiles like the AIM-120A and R-77/R-27EA. Hopefully, I am not asking for too much. That is all. Thank you for reading this.

F-14B’s engines produce more thrust at speed than Saturn engines.
R-27EAs are superior to AIM-120Cs by the way.

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Okay. Appreciate the reply.

a strong statement