F-14B Auto-slave LANTIRN Pod

Hello, I wish to know if it’s possible to DISABLE the Automatic slewing of the LANTIRN Pod to targets acquire via TWS, or any other mode.

This, if disabled, would allow an F-14B to shoot a Phoenix in TWS and simultaneously target SAMs with the LANTIRN to drop GBU’s. Currently if you want to do that, when you set “target point”, the radar will drop the TWS lock and momentarily scan the radar on the ground your nose is pointed at.

Would make the F-14B even better.
Not a necessary fix because it’s safer to engage the air target first, and the Phoenix will be Active by the time you launch it in GRB anyway.

TL;DR I want to drop GBUs will holding a TWS lock in the TomcatB but radar auto slaves to the ground my LANTIRN is looking at when I press “target point” keybind for gbus.

If you managed to read and have a solution, please share thanks.