F-14A and B flare help

this is strictly about how to flare magic 2s, not anything else, the magics have been the missile that killed me 2x more than anything other

i did manage mitigate this somewhat by not flying tree top (and praying i wont get seen), and turning into a mirage to give his magic a front aspect so my flares have a better chance of working, and throttle to zero

this still doesnt fix my problem, the magic 2s still manage to track me, a lot, and i do want to know how to flare a magic 2 because i dont want to rely flying above the enemy team. Again this is for the F-14A & B.

I think that the Magic 2’s are IRCCM so they are more immune to flares. They lock onto you engines IR signature then blocks out all other heat sources, like flares. The best way I find to dodge them is with extreme maneuvers and a buttload of flares. But then again that doesn’t always work and a follow up missile will kill

DEFYN talks about how to flare:

FWIW, I have both the F-14s and the Mirage 2k-S5 (mostly stock), but I predominantly play air SB. I find the Mirage to be much more forgiving to fly stock than a fully performance modded f-14. I’m a pretty meh pilot, though.

As to the Magic 2s, I use them differently than an AIM-9. I usually only have 2 on a French airframe and they’re very short range. I prefer to fire them at a target right after they start to pull hard with lead if I can. Because of the way the magic comes off the rail and tracks, they just about never see any of the target’s flares.

I really don’t like to fire magic 2s in a tail chase, they have very short range. So where I would absolutely fire an aim-9, I’ll hold onto the magic for a better opportunity. Incidentally, the tail chase is the situation where it is also more possible to flare IRCCM missiles as shown in the video.

Hopefully some of this is useful or at least gets someone more knowledgeable to answer ;)

In all-aspect, it is pretty easy to flare. Flare before it gets under like 1.5km and it should be fine. For rear-apsect, you should flare before it is under maybe 2km. I have found that you can flare it under 2km if you pop flares right as it takes of the rail but that can ve hard to do.