F-14 Tomcat: History, Performance & Discussion

are there any planned changes on the tomcat’s radar that I missed ?

well he wouldn’t be the first to receive a missile that he didn’t actually equip even if it was planned, or in the case of the SAAF gripen it doesn’t seem to me they have integrated the R-DARTER yet

Yak-141: Planned to be armed with R-27 (and other missiles), never carried the armament due to budget cuts - Is still armed with these weapons in War Thunder.

F-14D: Planned to be armed with AIM-120, never carried the armament due to budget cuts - can still be armed with this weapon in War Thunder?

These situations are the same to me. Except the F-14D got closer to AIM-120 than the Yak-141 ever was to mounting it’s armament.



On the D?

I know it was carried on F-14A.

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VX4 tested it

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https://www.flying-tigers.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/bun1-Grumman-F-14-Tomcat-of-VX-4-Air-Test-and-Evaluation-Squadron-Four-AIRTEVRON-FOUR.jpg note the under nose sight

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Ah, nice!

I also found this


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No, i was just saying im excited for the AN/APG-71 from the F-14D whenever its added



Can’t forget the F-16.

With airframes beginning Block-10, ECP-350 was incorporated; which reserved the required volumes, traces and routing, and strengthened components in preparation for a refit to permit carriage of the AIM-120, but installing the wiring began with Block-15Y, with select airframes being refitted as needed to accommodate the missile and support systems.

Of the F-16 configurations currently implemented (we could probably use a F-16C-25 / -30 or -40 & maybe the -16XL & -V-70 if the F-15E / F-1SEX is too much) the F-16A-15ADF were wired for AIM-120s but used AIM-7s in US service due to limited missile availability and the existing examples being preferentially routed to units undertaking Operation Desert Storm & Operation Southern Watch during the early '90s. though did eventually receive them, though considering their collective BR they probably won’t unless compression becomes a (ever more so) significant issue.

Italy’s ADFs on the other hand were acquired deliberately for their capacity to carry AMRAMS and exclusively did so in service, though theoretically able to carry Sparrows.

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Its the Mk47 mod1 motor thats smokeless tho…

R-27 is 35G because primary documentation says so. There isn’t technical documentation for AIM-54 of similar validity for a similar report.

25G in two planes means that 25/1.5=17G in one plane

I think the normal 17G limit wouldn’t even be so bad if it didn’t turn into a literal brick after the motor runs out. Higher speeds would be appreciated in general

Thats why they should fix the stupid guidance code. Barely has an impact on TTI, but significant improvement in pK% at ranges beyond 50km

They could literally copy paste any of my guidance codes, ive already provided them all, and tested them ffs

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