F-14 Tomcat: History, Performance & Discussion

They actively defended the fact they did not include any overheating or engine damage from excessive use of the emergency power AB…


I didn’t use the forum much back then so I can’t argue with this. Wouldn’t suprise me if they did


Read dev’s answer


What about the fact that the F-5E in-game still outperforms the real world F-20A because they based performance on a tertiary source over real world NATOPS / Flight Test data?

You want to paint this one sided picture and ignore any evidence to the contrary. It’s not relevant and the complaints are not going to get anything fixed. You’re just spamming up the thread.


oh lmao it STILL has emergency power and no issues? Thats hilarious

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It has a “WEP” setting but it is not the same higher power setting as before. Stop derailing.


Isn’t ingame F-15 flies with 102% emergency mode too? Instead of 98% of the charts from the flight manual.

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Not 100% sure, but the issue with the bis specifically is that there are specific known consequences to overuse of the emergency thrust (engine damage), which despite being a feature of WT, is not modelled on the MiG-21 bis in-game.

If the F-15 is overperforming, it should be nerfed. That being said, we are getting off topic at this point. My initial comparison was regarding differences in available data and allowable safety factors between nations leading to likely underperformance of western jets.


It is uses time limited emergency mode without engine damage just like 21bis.

Then it should be fixed, mind linking the bug report?

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I got this from mig-23m, ask him.

I have him blocked, and have had him blocked for probably over a year at this point, barring a small recent period in the AIM-54 thread. At this point were cluttering the thread. Provide the bug report or source in DM’s, barring that I have no reason to believe you.

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No unfortunately it’s modelled with war power. This seems to be some sort of miscommunication or error which is being double checked because otherwise 15 other aircraft would get their combat/war power.

“Used chart is for full reheat power mode, but in game MiG-21bis has full set of reheat modes including emergency power mode.”

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That 102% is not “emergency” mode. It’s just a engine trim setting out of 3. 95%, 97.7%, 102%. No limitation

Its the Vmax switch which increases the temp a bit, rpm and fuel flow. With about 4% extra thrust. You can use it only above Mach 1.1, and a maximum use of 6 min continuously. Max Vmax time before inspection is 1 hour of use


iirc there was a section that mentioned maximum use of vMAX not to exceed 6 minutes or something but perhaps it is the wrong thread.

That is the max time of a single nonstop use.

This would be the case in War Thunder then also, no? If MiG-21bis lacks engine damage issues from max reheat it should be amended and if it retains such features so should the F-15.

In regards to the F-14, was there any such modes?

102% engine trim is not the same as vMax switch. Engine trim is tuned on the ground. vMax is literally a breakable safetywire cover switch in the cockpit. It is not modeled in game with the switch thrown


It would be the case if it were ingame.

I havo no idea on the F14