F-14 cobra-capable?

Dear GJ, we need to talk - that’s not how any of this works :D


browsermap data have some refresh rate so peak was perhaps slightly higher

I’ve seen it do it in DCS

which proves what?

That it’s cool and useless.

cobra on an F-14 which can do it IRL is about as useless as it will be on the Gripen and Su-27. Cobra’s like in real life are obsolete and completely meaningless, It’s an airshow stunt to build hype for an aircraft. I mean the A-7D can cobra in game, but when have you ever seen it done in a battle?

In reality, the F-14 can reach an angle of attack of 55 degrees or even higher through cross-rudder operation. This does not mean that it is also usable in turns. In fact, the F-14’s high AOA handling is very scary, causing severe aileron failure and triggering a Dutch roll.

Better high angle of attack capability certainly makes sense! It is not intended tomake the enemy aircraft overshoot. It is a supplement to the traditional turning maneuver, allowing you to point the nose of the aircraft more quickly at your opponent and obtain an attack opportunity from the cannon or missile. The Americans have already proven all this on the X-31.
For gaming, you can easily activate the high AOA capability of the MiG 29SMT and fire the R-73 in any direction by switching operating modes. Now you have a 40+45=85° launch space and can do almost anything.