F-11F-1 ejection seat

In game, the F-11F-1 has an ejection seat label inside the cockpit to the left of the seat, but in terms of gameplay, the F-11F-1 does not have the ability to eject its pilot. Was this just overlooked with the addition of ejection seats, or was this intentional?

So not all aircraft have gotten ejection seats this update the f5 and 104 got theirs so could be awhile

Ejection seats of F-111 is jumping the whole cabin → harder to modelize i guess.

Also not all aircraft does have an Ejection seat now,… so wait up the implementations of newer ones.

OP was referring to the F11F-1 … same same but different to the F-111 :)

(plus the F-111 does have the ejection of the whole crew compartment… it’s pretty cool looking)

Oops, …