This strike aircraft has been severely detuned to the point many other jets beat it to bases consistently. Before, it was at least regularly competitive with other aircraft in battle. At its current performance levels, it struggles to compete with lower ranking vehicles such as the F-4C, AV-8/Harrier etc. Minimum fuel load at 46 minutes for the F-111 is far greater than what is needed in realistic battles. The F-111 has become simply non-competitive at this point, and questionable as far as a game progression tool and/or resource. With it being detuned to this degree, it is no longer worth flying in battle, and thus, no longer relevant. Please address. Thank you.

Target ground targets instead of bases.

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You first.

I already have, I came up with this solution on the dev server during its introduction.
24 750 pound bombs destroys every static ground target, and you get more RP than bases.

Roger that, but still does not excuse the sudden mandate to completely change play style.

Also, this is a top speed (Full-Sweep) issue, and not how you were flying it un-swept.

It’s why I only ever brought loads that allow wing sweep.
Why I also recommend people exclusively bring loads that allow wing sweep.

F = Full sweep.
P = Partial [most] sweep.

Awesome info, I will be experimenting for sure now that 7x750 single base kills are no longer possible.

The flight model was wrong, and overperforming greatly. It was fixed. Adjust your play style.
They don’t adjust these things for fun or balance reasons. They just fix them per the latest known data.

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İt was out turning fighters before the fix / Nerf , it was broken and hilarious lol

I use it in a straight line to a base and get out run by 7km by phantoms all the way across the map. They made it much SLOWER getting to top speed, thus, allowing phantoms to get and hold 7km ahead.

I think it’s time to introduce AIM-9Es for the F-111A. As much as the flight model was indeed overperforming, the nerf to it was HUGE and the jet now feels like a sidegrade to the F-105D (which also has AIM-9Es) being only able to carry flares/chaff and going faster in top speed but stuck with worse AIM-9Bs at a higher BR.

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It appears that a roughly 5% reduction to over-all top speed at sea level has happened, Which I agree with. Data shows consistency with current top speed numbers. However, acceleration from take-off to top speed is where I believe the actual slowing resides. Feels like an additional 10% fuel load has been added even when flown clean. I believe thrust-to-weight ratios need further adjustments.

I also believe that a slight BR reduction for the F-111 in air RB from 10.3 to 10.0 would be well suited considering the seemingly new dynamics of this strike aircraft.