F-111a Severe Technical Issues

I hope some of you can go test out the f111’s gun, as it’s third-person aiming reticle does not line up in the slightest with the path of the bullets. This makes landing hits IMPOSSIBLE.

A while ago, I posted multiple bug reports, which have since gone unread, regarding how vertical targeting in air RB is completely broken, as well as the f-111’s gun alignment. A few months ago, the devs decided to angle the f-111’s gun downwards, but forgot to adjust the third-person crosshair to align with the gun! This makes the plane completely unplayable. Vertical targeting also uses the horizon line as a reference frame instead of the aircraft itself, making the bullets do impossible physics if the plane is rolled. These bug reports can be found here:


A TON of people are effected by this issue, and my bug reports have gone completely ignored. Absolutely zero response from the devs sadly. I provided concise but detailed reports, as well as suggestions on HOW to fix this issue. It’s a super simple fix.