F-111A literally cannot even break mach 1

At the altitude (39990ft) Gaijin says the plane should be able to do 1303 kts it literally loses airspeed staying at my current altitude


It can only Reach it’s top speed in Sim.
They Gimped it in RB and AB so It Cant out run stuff

Yeah, it should be a high-altitude performance monster like the F-15 but the F-111A is so hilariously nerfed to oblivion with its FM, useless 3D aiming reticle for the 20mm Vulcan gun and no newer missiles other than AIM-9Bs. Basically a free kill/RP pinata in Air RB at this point.


I had no issue going above mach 1, but this was before the FM nerf. This is weird

Have you tried maintaining a speed of 1.4+ mach as you climb rather than climbing to the set altitude and then trying to accelerate?

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RB and Sim use the same exact flight models.

You have to use auto wing sweep.

F-111A is actually the 3rd - 5th fastest jet in the game in top speed.

Not to be rude, but is it possible to change how the fm is per game mode? If it’s possible, they could straight up have fixed bomber’s this entire time.

Arcade uses a different physics - the FM’s are the same though. The instructor for mouse aim will limit the amount you can pull and other things. Full real controls allows you to exceed the instructor limitations because you can simply turn the instructor off.

The Flight Model is the Same Yes, However the Performance is not.
While in RB with 4 3k pounders and 45min of fuel I cant hit mach 1 without diving.

In sim I can hit Mach 1.2 with 4 3k pounders and a Full fuel load.

So It is Gimped in RB and AB

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That probably is a trim problem causing drag then or some other issue.

I just tested and I was right, the F-111A has a hard time accelerating because of the thrust curve. You need to keep it supersonic while you climb to such altitudes to ensure that it will continue accelerating to the correct top speeds.

It was still accelerating, but 2.3 mach clearly demonstrates the capabilities mentioned. Stat card says 1,521 mph and here it is accelerating past 1,521 miles per hour.


Well if you have the F111 as it should, the Russians players will cry for Su24 after Mig27 as the early version will have minorly improvements to capability.

This is the maximum I was able to achieve. In that time I would have been able to travel around 741 miles. I highly doubt it would have been possible to achieve this with fuel consumption on.

My test of the F-14A lost its wings at 2.25 at 40k ft in FAR less time, at 30 minutes fuel.

You have a gun equipped, maybe the additional drag from that is causing issues. Compare it to clean.

um I can break mach 1 pretty easily with the 111 so you probably just need to fly a little lower

gun is internal

He’s right I repeated the test without the gun and was able to hit 1229 kts at 39990 ft. However, I did this with the dev config file as I’m not spending 45 minutes trying to accelerate on unlimited min fuel when the plane would have been out of fuel LOOONNGGG before that time in real life.

I can break mach 1 even with bombs but in practicality is not super useful to do in a match since bombs cant be dropped past mach 1 (by bombs I mean the maximum you can carry while being able to still wing sweep)

High altitude acceleration may be off now, I can look into it and see if a report is needed.