F-111 Outboard Pylon Jettison

This F-111A Flight Manual I found mentions that the outboard fixed pylons of the 111A can be jettisoned mid-flight to allow maximum wing sweep. The F-111A would greatly benefit from this feature in-game, as maximum payload could be used without restricting sweep once the bombing run is completed (or the pilot prematurely jettisons payload)

Screenshot (123)


I think the outer hardpoints should be implemented similar to other weapons racks. You can optionally keep them on if you want even when they’re spent, but you can use the automatic jettison when empty setting or manually jettison with the bind to automatically restore the wing sweep function after all ordinance is dispensed

The jettison of the outboard pylons is known, its a technical limitation as to why its not available in game.


Ah, quite unfortunate.

Any plans on finding a solution in the future?


It will be, just like Cms separation, or slats separation, or ground radars. It will all come on due time.

Aren’t we expecting/anticipating an engine update at some point? Maybe we’ll get lucky then.

This is how Gaijin artificially nerfs US/NATO equipment. They know those pylons can be jettisoned but it would allow US to bomb and fly Mach 1+ and they cant have that. So they chose not to implement it. At the same time they also increased Base respawn time when the F-111 was released. They also know it can carry better missiles than Aim9Bs but decided that should be in 10.3 when there are literally R-60s in 9.7…but yea sure. Aim9B at 10.3…makes total sense…

They always have to find some way of nerfing US/NATO artificially.

RAAF F-11 with drop tanks on the outer pylons. Note the angle. This is so they would be correct at 26 deg wing sweep

Damn right, I think we need to do another steam review bombing or something else because god damn this 100t of democracy is not playable