F-111 Loadout options and MAW system suggestions

We all know how expansive the loadout options are for the beloved F-111 Aardvark. And how difficult it is to implement all of the possible options without missing one or two. I would like to address those missed opportunities for a future “its fixed” update! To start with, the internal weapons bay of the aircraft is underutilized and underappreciated. That could be caused by the somewhat limited options of payloads one can house in the bay. As of the time of writing this post the weapons bay is able to house 1x 20mm M61A1 cannon, 2x AIM-9B, 2x Mk82/M117 Bombs. All options are good but there is room for expansion (literally). I suggest the additional option to fit 2x Mk84 Bombs in the bay. I will post a picture to visualize the space inside the bay so you can see it physically fits. As for weight balance I can tell you that the Aardvark was capable of carrying 2x AGM-69 (nice) nuclear bombs weight approximately 2200 lbs. each. The Mk84s only come up to 1900 lbs. each so no question its able to house these bombs.

Now for the second part of the post. The MAW (Missile Approach Warning) system while being very useful, suffers from some very trivial issue. That issue being it spends all the available flares very quickly. In a real scenario that only lasts for 2-3 missiles sequentially. It would be a very useful addition to allow the player to choose how many flares it spits out and how long it waits between bursts. There could be a way to tie the MAW countermeasure options to the periodic countermeasure release options at the spawn screen. Or it could be its own little ecosystem. That is up to the developers to implement as they see fit.