F-111 does not change sweep with outboard guns

If you hang rockets on the plane on the first and second pylons, then the wings still have the ability to change their sweep.

But if additional guns are hung on the same pylons, then the wings lose this ability.

And even if you remove the additional cannons from the first pylons on both sides or second, you still do not have the ability to change the wing sweep, which means your maximum speed is severely limited. Maybe this is a mistake? I don’t know for sure, that’s why I’m creating this topic.

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“This feature can’t be implemented for now.”
They literally just mark it as not a bug and close the problem report?


Yes. Typical Gaijin and their pocket mr.not-a-bug.


That was prior to them adding new categories.

Prove this isn’t a bug, cause Gaijin says it is a bug.

Gaijin > your lies.

I like how Gaijin also attempted to fix the 20mm Vulcan gun-shooting through the fuselage by changing the bullet ballistics but forgot to adjust the third-person aiming reticle for it so not only is the 20mm internal bomb bay gun is useless and impossible even to aim now, BUT THE 20MM ADDITIONAL GUNPODS UNDER THE WINGS AS WELL:


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