F-111 Aim-9b

Gaijin what is statistic with f-111 aim-9b kills. I can not kill even bot planes. This missile should be on planes with max 9.0 BR.

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Planes below 9.0 shouldn’t even see missiles but for a few exceptions.
The F-111 is at a cracked BR because of the worse off missiles but they’re defo not unusable

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That’s funny,… as i used some 9B on Mirage 3E recently, to see if it’s not usable,… and guess what?

Over 6 missiles launch, 4 were blowing up my ennemies, and 2 made them hard turn enough to let me catch them with guns afterwards,…

Just keep on progressing mate,… you do not reached Jet level to go backwards and expect missile to do your job,…


There are no plans right now to expand the F-111A’s missile loadouts. Its currently statistically performing well.


Its not meant for that…it is meant as a bomber-strike plane.

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