F-104S/TAF need Buffs

The current F-104S/TAF cannot fight properly at 11.0. I think one of the following needs to be implemented
(1) Simply lower the BR to 10.7
(2) Extend the upper limit of BR like Groundtree and increase the BR of F-16As, MiG-29s, etc.
(3) Give the 104S the AIM-9L and the TAF the AIM-9S (a derivative of the AIM-9M warhead). However, the AIM-9S is too powerful, so the AIM-9P-4 can be given tentatively instead, or the BR can be raised to 11.3 or higher. This is much better than the current 11.0.
And fix the ACM mode of the radar. No matter how clear the background is, you have to get as close as 3km to lock on.

Gaijin has stated in the past that the reason the BR of the F-104S was raised to 11.0 was because the stats were too high, but I am convinced it was because below average players did not use this aircraft at all and the majority of the users were advanced players.


It’s my bad the stats were so high.