Would you like to see the F-104S.ASA/M In-Games?

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The F-104S.ASA/M is an “Upgrade” to the F-104S.ASA. The main difference between the ASA and the ASA M was the integration of new navigation systems such as TACAN, UHF, LN-30A2, a new GPS, the ALQ and ECM pods were removed, and the 20 mm Vulcan cannon was removed.

Length: 16.69 m
Wingspan: 6.68 m
Height: 4.11 m
Wing area: 18.22 m²
Empty weight: 6750 kg
Gross weight: 9840 kg
Max takeoff weight: 14060 kg
Powerplant: 1 x General Electric J79-GE-19
Maximum speed: 2470 km/h
Max Altitude: 17700 m
Hardpoints: 6
Missiles: AIM 9L, AIM 9L/I, AIM 9L/I-1, AIM 7E, ASPIDE (as seen in game)

There is already a suggestion:

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As Condottiero said, I alredy made a suggestion about It One year ago