F-104G (Italy) is awful at10.7

I’ll be blunt. I was not expecting a good aircraft looking at the italian F-104G. At 10.7, you get 2 aim-9Js and a Vulcan. The FM is best described as Saturn 5 rocket, and your avionics are at best bearable. These stats look fine on paper, but you are barely able to get the gun on target, and your missiles are rarely effective in the constant full uptiers. The flares are nice, but the engine burns so hot that you may need 10-15 flares for a 9L even without afterburner.

The primary gripe i have with this plane is the identically BRed F-104G (Germany) with double the missiles.

To fix these issues, here are the options:

Option A: add 2 more missiles.
This is the easiest option, and though italy never operated the under fuselage sidewinder rails in active service, there is no reason that it couldn’t fit them.

Option B: down-tier
A down-tier to 10.3 would make it equal in BR to the other downgraded F-104G, the Chinese one.

Option C: decompress
Just decompress all of air. Unlikely to happen, but it would be good for the game

  • Option A: add 2 more missiles.
  • Option B: Downtier
  • Option C: decompress
  • No change necessary
  • Other (explain below)
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All the F-104s, save the A and C, are pretty terrible and deserve .3 lower BR. The Italian G also obviously needs the extra 2 9Js that the German, Chinese, and French ones get.


To be fair, the Chinese one should also get flares (its ex german, and the german ones get flares)

German ones only had flares in marine service, were the Chinese ones Luftwaffe aircraft? Did they have flares added in China?

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The Chinese F-104Gs were ex Luftwaffe to my knowledge, although i am away from my computer and cant check at the moment.

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The export F-104’s are what I like to call “designed to be someone else’s problem”.
I wouldn’t expect them to be very good at their br and the current top tier match maker doesn’t really help either.