F-104G China Flare

Why do Chinese F-104Gs not have flares, while German and Italian F-104Gs have flares, even though their aircraft specifications and BR are the same

Screenshot 2024-01-11 213850
Screenshot 2024-01-11 213937
Screenshot 2024-01-11 214036


It’s actually Taiwanese F-104, but anyways, maybe Gaijin just forgot to move it down to 10.3 BR along with Japanese non flare one.


If I recall correctly, the German and Italian F-104Gs weren’t fitted with Countermeasures until much later in their service life. Perhaps the reason the Taiwanese F-104G doesn’t have Countermeasures is because it was retired before there was need to fit them with Countermeasures?

Taiwan acquired a series of F-104Gs from Ex-West Germany arsenals in 1995, so they would be perfectly realistic to be fitted with flare.


Ah, gotcha.
Perhaps drop a suggestion/bug report regarding that?

Possibly yes. On the other hand, most players who plays Chinese air usually goes to alternatives such as F-5A/E, J-7E and J-8B to either grind or to skill up with, so i suppose there isnt much of a support base.

IIRC, all of them were from the Luftwaffe, which did not have CM.

All F-104Gs with CM would have been from the German Marines.

The first initial delivery consisted of 78 G variant aircrafts are American or Canadian. There are another 84 from Germany and Denmark. All of the mentioned above includes RF and TF variants.

So what about Denmark service?

If we can prove Danish F-104G also had CMs, we can get a CM on the ROCAF ones.

I do support that. However it seems like that gaijin decided that the ones in game represent 64’ instead of 95’ configs, which is worse due to the mentioned lack of CM pods.

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Others dealt with historical reasons well enough, so to just add my two cents on the matter

If F-5C can carry flares, there is no reason for taiwan F-104Gs to NOT have them, especially when the german and italian version of the same plane have them.