F-104A/C should not be 9.3

This thing is literally unkillable at 9.3. Period


? f104 are free kills

not if you’re in a 8.3-9.7 subsonic and they decide to run away. which is a decent quantity of planes.

The reason theyre so ludicrously low is you had all aspect missiles being tossed around on attack platforms (Su-25, A-10, A-6E) that they just couldn’t evade… unless they didn’t get within launch range. basically they had to play passively the moment they saw one of those planes.


Good luck catching it, even the 10.3 MIG-21 SMT will not catch it, how can you say they are free kills? Are you trolling?


Depends on the top 2 inches of the seat-keyboard interface.

so what, if they run they are in no position to fight
when you see one coming just turn around some mountain and it wont be able to hit you at all, and if they decide to dogfight you they will lose.

That’s not how it works , he can disengage and re-engage forever. How you can make such claims with 2000 total matches is beyond me


so what if he can if his engagements wont result in anything lol
f104 is just free food all it has is speed and you cant win with just speed alone.
Lower f104’s dont have flares so you just pop aim9b at them so they have to bleed all speed they have and kill it with guns

F-104A/C can out run missiles.

The only time you die in the F-104A/C is if your playing it badly.


after a slight turn it wont be able to accelerate fast enough to outrun any missile, even when flying straight at its max speed it would have problems if missile was fired from a plane flying around mach and in range.

And that’s why you don’t turn fight in it. Your so much faster then literally anything you see that you can dictate and decide any engagements you have.

The thing is at such a low BR it can’t even see F-104s from other nations.

Which, btw, all the other F-104s in game have to fight jets that are much better than it. Look at the S and ASA that have to fight fight F-16s, mig-29s and a bunch of other jets that make its speed advantage pretty much worthless.


Are you kidding us? I eat 104s for breakfast in my 21S/SMT. They’re a mere food, especially for 21S at 9.7. Even altitude can’t save them. I’m not even able to count how many times I annihilated 104s trying to run away in space. So tell me more dude


Average russian mains wont understand. F104 has only speed and that’s it’s only advantage.

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That’s because average F-104A/F-104C players are dumb and doesn’t even know how to outrun against AAMs.

As one of Chinese F-104A and MiG-21MF/SMT players, current F-104A is most easiest plane to play in 9.XBR because there are no aircrafts that can catch against F-104s under 9.3BR even on some 9.7 to 10.3BR. Some aircrafts are horrible to face such as AIM-9G carriers and MiG-21MF/SMT but, it is not huge problems if you get distance from them.


speed and good energy retention, good cannons that doesnt need point and click like MiG guns.

It is much far easy to fly when you compare with other 9.3BR supersonic jets such as MiG-21F-13/J-7II, EEL.


The absolute bane of my existence in my Super Mystere, literally untouchable. Sadly all the 'Murica Stronk mains will be hugely against nerfing it. Feels like it takes everything that made the F-104 work irl and stripped away its weaknesses, like poor climb (they shoot up into the atmosphere like a rocket)