Extreme Server Desync In Q5L

Ive had the occasional annoying tank rubber banding in mig27k but my god is it worse when playing q5l. I dont know what is going on with the servers but trying to use laser guided bombs is almost impossible because even from very short distances the tanks you aim at are skating around phasing into buildings etc. At the same or longer distance a helicopter has ZERO rubber banding… Its so bad every time i use it one of my gbu’s misses. A puma i aimed at appeared to move but client side it was like 20 meters the wrong direction… ridiculous

I have the same issue and it made my 70 dollar A-6E Intruder unplayable in the ground battles. I can no longer hit enemy vehicles with Paveways. Laser is constantly losing the locked target, and when I point it at the vehicles manually, bombs end up like 20 meters away, causing only “hits”, and not even critical hits, even if I saw them hitting the textures of the tank. This looks the same as the extreme desync between AI vehicle hitboxes and their visual models in helicopter PvE, which made the game mode unplayable for many. Especially on the Rocky Canyon map.

same here
since im grinding the Chinese ground tree right now im playing the Q-5L pretty much every match and im getting pretty annoyed at this point.

this 10fps desync fest is annoying since you cant use the max range of the GBUs.

you also cant lock anything when this shit happens the lock is either, like you all said before, 10-20m next to the target or the targeting pod just doesnt want you to lock anything anymore and then you have to manually guide it (which you can do but for what can we lock stuff???) and then it might still miss because the tank just disappeared in the ground or drove through a building or something like that.

I dont remember having the same problems in my Jaguar, or at least not that much, or my Harrier Gr.7.
Maybe they need to increase the render distance for the targeting pod, iirc thats what they did with the Harrier.

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