Extreme Lag and Random Crashes

If I want to play Warthunder, I need to wait around half an hour after starting it up to stop lagging. Since recently if I don’t wait for the lag to go away and play the game anyways during this half hour, there is also an almost 100% chance my game will crash, most often after I die.
The lag persists through all gamemodes and in the hangar.

The lag goes away suddenly, not gradually, at which point my GPU usage jumps from ±10% usage to 99% usage and my fps from a (stuttery) 25 fps to around 190 fps. CPU usage seems to remain largely the same on all cores.

This problem started a couple updates/months ago but at the time I assumed it was one of those problems again that would be fixed, it hasn’t. Before this I haven’t had any performance issues.

There is nothing wrong with my computer, all other games continue working without any problem. I’m using the latest drivers.

Thus far I have tried verifying game-files, completely reinstalling the game through steam and through the warthunder launcher, and changing around settings.


Im in the exact same boat mate